Lath and plaster walls are wonderful until they need fixing, but that’s where our plaster repair Chattanooga service comes in handy! When you find a crack or a hole that needs fixing, know that lath and plaster walls need a little extra care. They are some of the most misunderstood parts of an old home, and many homeowners are quick to tear them down and put up drywall. But before you do that, turn to Painter Ready for your plaster repair in Chattanooga.

Three common Chattanooga plaster repair requests we receive.

1. Pulling away from the lath is the most common problem we see with plaster walls here in the south. Many people consider replacing plaster with drywall because of this, but replacing plaster walls with drywall is very messy and expensive. Also, plaster provides extra strength and soundproofing. So before you replace it, contact us and see if we can help.

2. Cracks in your plaster walls or ceilings don’t necessarily mean trouble. Hairline cracks are small enough that you can barely fit a fingernail in them. These are the most benign of all the cracks, and unless they are growing or you really can’t stand the sight of them, there is no reason to mess with them.

Delaminating cracks are a sign of plaster pulling away from the lath behind it. These show up on both ceilings and walls but can be the most dangerous on ceilings. When plaster begins to pull away from the lath, there is a chance it may fall away from the wall or ceiling. Lastly, if a part of the house is sagging, you may find converging settlement cracks running across your plaster walls. Painter Ready can help you with any of these plaster repair Chattanooga requests.

3. Water damage is easy to spot in plaster ceilings and walls. Brown water stains will begin to show up soon after a leak begins. Immediately after noticing it, you’ll need to find the leak and seal it up before things get worse. The plaster will begin bubbling and bulging if water damage goes unaddressed for long enough.

If not repaired soon, the damage will continue, and you risk developing mold in the affected area. Water and plaster are not a good combination, so find the source of the leak first and do everything you can to stop the water. Then, give us a call for your plaster repair in Chattanooga!

Painter Ready is the authority in Chattanooga plaster repair.

So whether you are looking to fix a hairline crack in your plaster wall, or bulging water damage in your plaster ceiling, contact us any time, and we will return your plaster to a state that’s like new. Call us at (423) 648-4408, email us at, or fill out our form here.