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Metal Building Painting Services in Chattanooga

Repainting a metal building improves its aesthetic appeal, longevity, and durability. Metal roofs get sought out for their exterior strength and durability. A layer of new paint serves as even more protective coating for any commercial painting project. Regardless of how sturdy the metal panels are, they are susceptible to corrosion and rust over time. Painter Ready’s metal building painting services in Chattanooga, TN, could be just what you need to improve its durability or give it a fresh new look.

The Painter Ready Process Offers Preventative Maintenance For Your Metal Building.
Repaint your metal if you notice the following signs:

  • Clear evidence of flaking, peeling, or lifting.
  • Patches of rust or corrosion on the surface, regardless of how small they are.
  • A chalky appearance of the panels.
  • Fading on the side that is most exposed to the sun, making it look two-shaded.

Often, metal buildings and pole barns are seen “chalking”. This happens when the previous coating breaks down and turns into a powdery substance. You can see this if you walk up to the building and swipe your palm across it. If you look at your hand and it has the color on your palm, the coating is chalking. To prevent this, at Painter Ready our metal painting services follow seven steps that have led to quality results time and time again.

STEP 1: Professional Estimate

It begins with a Free Professional Estimate. We inspect the metal you’d like us to paint and take into account any repairs or maintenance needed.

STEP 2: Light Wash

To begin with, our Painter Ready workers lightly wash the metal building with a power washer. Washing creates a nice, clean surface for our new paint to stick to.

STEP 3: Priming

Painter Ready workers then prime any exposed metal or any rusty metal. It’s important to use good, quality metal primers for these areas.

STEP 4: Determining Preferences

There are then some circumstances where it is preferred to use metal-specific paints, and we evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. We can give you the best selection of coatings for painting your metal building.

STEP 5: Painting

We paint metal in various ways including airbrushing, dipping, and rolling. Rolling is a continuous process called coil coating to apply paint to metal.

STEP 6: Cleaning

Painter Ready workers clean the area and return it to how we found it. The paint dries within a few hours, and we remove all painting materials and coverings.

STEP 7: Inspection

Everything gets cleaned for your walk-through and inspection. We allow you to look the work over and ensure you are satisfied with our metal building painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is painted metal?

Painted metal is exceptionally durable with some paint jobs lasting up to 30 years.

How thick does paint have to be on metal?

A metal roof paint job is usually around 1.4mms thick, which includes the backer and primer. By comparison, most industrial coatings are 2-5mms thick. Sometimes additional layers of paint are added for highly corrosive environments to improve performance.

How do I protect my painted metal against graffiti?

Painted metal can be specified with additional layers of protection that work as a barrier against aerosol and marker-based graffiti. Graffiti on metal with this select finish can be simply wiped away once an additional removal spray is applied. Please be sure to mention this concern to us when booking your appointment.

How is metal most often painted?

For most metal roof and wall products, the process of rolling is used in a continuous process called coil coating to apply paint to metal.

How is corrosion prevented?

Metal roofs are made of steel or aluminum. Prior to being painted, the steel used in metal roofs and walls is passed through a molten bath of zinc (called galvanizing) or a combination of aluminum-zinc. This layer provides protection against corrosion while utilizing the core strength and performance of the base steel. Aluminum is not prone to corrosion like steel but is more expensive and more malleable compared to steel. A layer of new paint layer then serves as more protective coating.

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