Tips for updating the interior painting of your home

As we lean into the fall season we thought you could use some tips for updating the interior of your home with a little bit of paint! This is a great time of year to focus inward and update the space where you spend the most time!

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you with any projects you may have in mind.

interior painting tips Primer


Primer seals the original material, not allowing the paint to soak through. This not only reduces the number of layers of paint you will need to use but also makes your finished paint job look professional and clean.

interior painting tips


Trends change yearly, and interior color trends are no exception! Whether you like bold or subtle, adding a new coat can completely freshen up your home. Here is a list of the current trending home interior colors:

color paletteHazelnut
Lilac Gray
Dark Greens
Muted Pastels
Soft Clay
New Blues




The sheen, or glossiness of your paint is important and can totally affect the color of your paint and the overall feel of a room. Here is a helpful guide regarding sheen from Sherwin Williams:


• Durable, easy to clean paint | High-gloss or semi-gloss finish

Family Room/Rec Room

• Easily cleaned, can stand up to high traffic | Satin finish

Dining Room

• Clean, smooth looking walls for low traffic area | Eggshell finish


• High-pigment wall coverage for low-traffic area | Flat or matte finish

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