Painter Ready helps Chattanooga remove wallpaper.

At Painter Ready, we don’t just apply paint to walls; we also remove wallpaper from them! Wallpaper removal can be exhausting work for homeowners, but we’re happy to help lift that burden. However, if you’d like to try your hand at removing wallpaper, the following are a couple of tips from the professionals.

1. Move all your furniture to a safe location.

Before starting, remove as much of your furniture as you can from the room. Place drop cloths over the entire floor, not just along the wall. You’ll thank yourself later. Next, take off the outlet covers and just to be safe, turn off the breakers to the outlets in the room.

2. Test the wallpaper and slowly start the process.

Try peeling off a small section of wallpaper in an inconspicuous place. Testing the waters can help predict how difficult the wallpaper removal process will be. It also helps determine how long it could take to complete the entire room. Rip off what you can from the wall first, and use a putty knife to help you when you need it.

3. Make incisions into the wallpaper before you apply the solution.

The wallpaper adhesive will need to be scored before applying a softening solution. There are a few ways to do this. You can use a knife to do light horizontal lines, or you can purchase a scoring device to press tiny holes in the wallpaper for maximum solution penetration. Be extra careful not to cut into your drywall!

4. Spray on your store-bought or homemade solution.

Solutions for softening wallpaper glue can be bought, but fabric softener and hot water can be easily mixed in a 1:1 ratio to create an effective softening solution. Vinegar and hot water in the same ratio can also be used! Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spritz it over the scored wall, but only as much as you can rip off in ten-minute sections. Any longer than that, and the water will get too cool. Let the solution soak in for about a minute before pulling the wallpaper.

5. Scrape, and then wash to finish it off.

Then, take to the wall with your putty knife and start peeling from the bottom-up or top-down. Pull against the wall; that will help prevent the paper from tearing. It is essential to get every bit of adhesive off the walls. Make sure you soak and scrape off any resistant glue. Once you remove all wallpaper and adhesive, wash down the walls with hot water, dishwashing liquid, and a cloth. Finally, sand down the walls after they are dry.

Voila! You are ready to prime and paint the walls! Know that this process will take time, and the best recommendation we can provide is to be patient. Until you peel that first patch, there is no telling how easy or difficult the wallpaper removal will be. If you would like your wallpaper professionally removed, give us a call at (423) 648-4408 for a free estimate, or sign up for a consultation online here.